New edition, new look (for the website)

You might have notice the website has changed – a lot.  There’s a good reason for that: this site is now home to the publisher of The Digital Filmmaking Handbook, Foreing Films Press.  In the past, the DFH (that’s what we call it) had a website for a simple purpose, to provide access to tutorial media referenced in the book and as an archive for topics covered in the book that we felt were out of date but potentially still of interest to some.  (Plus we worked really hard on all that stuff.)

You can still find all the book resources here.  If you want to read about analog video, you’ll find it here.  If you want to read about older finishing methods, it’s here.

In the new edition of the book, we were faced with a choice:  get rid of the color section or double the price of the book.  We decided to keep the book as affordable as possible so you will now find all the color plates here.  (The good thing about that is now we can add as many color images as we want!)

The fact, the old DFH website was really just a parking lot.  The new site has two purposes: helping people who want to buy the book purchase it and actively blogging about topics related to filmmaking.  Why blog?  The DFH is a 600 page tome.  We really can’t let it get any longer.  (We wouldn’t be able to pick it up.)  Plus, we want the book to be relevant for a few years (or more!), so we don’t cover things with a foreseeably short shelf life.  That leaves a lot of stuff that the blog can cover:  news, product reviews, events such as film festivals and trade shows and of course tips, techniques and answers to questions from our readers.

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