How to order the 6th edition for classes and bookstores

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook, 6th edition is a popular filmmaking textbook used in universities, graduate schools, colleges, and high schools around the world. It was written with students, indie filmmakers, and industry professionals in mind and describes techniques and technology useful for beginners and advanced students alike. It provides information on how the pros work, but focuses primarily on equipment that is affordable for individuals and schools to buy or rent.The 6th edition features new material, including coverage of VR productions, new cameras and gear, and a comprehensive technological update for 2017. It contains 573 pages of regularly-revised information on all aspects of filmmaking. It is designed as both a guide to making a film, from preproduction to final delivery, and as a reference book, with a comprehensive glossary and index. Supplemental materials on the companion website include tutorial media from actual films, archived essays on older technology, and an active blog that features short articles on new technology, product reviews, and other timely matters.Available wholesale through Ingram:

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook, 6th edition
ISBN: 9780692782118
Sonja Schenk and Ben Long,
2017, 614 pages, b&w
© Foreing Films Publishing
We’ve provided a sample PDF of the book for educators that includes the full table of contents, Chapter 1, selected pages from inside the book, and the full index:

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The sixth edition of The Digital Filmmaking Handbook is available directly from  Foreing Films Publishing and  Ingram.  Questions can be sent to this address: