Table of Contents


Chapter 1, Make Your Movies
What’s New?
Technical Innovations
What Kind of Movie Should You Make?
Questions to Ask Yourself

Chapter 2, Writing, Scheduling and Producing
The Business of Filmmaking

Chapter 3, Digital Video Primer
Digital Video for Filmmakers
Components of Digital Video
Working with SD or Analog Video
Understanding Digital Media Files
Digital Video Formats
Unscientific Answers to Highly Technical Questions

Chapter 4, Choosing a Camera
Evaluating a Camera
DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras
The Director of Photography
What You Should Choose

Chapter 5, Planning Your Shoot
Camera Diagrams and Shot Lists
Location Scouting
Production Design
Visual Planning for Documentaries

Chapter 6, Lighting
Lighting Your Film
The Art of Lighting
Types of Light
Controlling the Quality of Light
Lighting Your Actors (Tutorial)
Interior Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Getting Rid of Light
Special Lighting Situations

Chapter 7, Using the Camera
Setting Focus
Using the Zoom Lens
Working With Interchangeable Lenses
White Balancing
Lens Filters
Shooting Raw
Camera Movement
Shooting Checklist

Chapter 8, Production Sound
What You Want to Record
Setting Up
Recording Your Sound
Gear Checklist

Chapter 9, Directing
The Shooting Script
Managing the Set
Putting Plans into Action
Organization on the Set

Chapter 10, Advanced Shooting
Camera Rigging and Supports
Drones and Robots
Measuring and Pulling Focus
Viewing Video on the Set
Double-System Audio Recording
Multi-Cam Shooting
Shooting With DSLRs
DSLR Camera Settings for Video
Managing Media on the Set
Shooting Green Screen Effects

Chapter 10x, Virtual Reality Productions (new chapter for the 6th edition)

Chapter 11, Editing Gear

Chapter 12, Editing Software

Chapter 13, Preparing to Edit

Chapter 14, Editing

Chapter 15, Sound Editing

Chapter 16, Color Grading

Chapter 17, Titles and Effects

Chapter 18, Getting Ready to Screen

Chapter 19, Finishing